Being healthy can mean so many things to different people. For me, it has become equivalent to being alive and discovering my real self. Having been on the edge of losing everything due to poor health, I’ve come to value every second I feel healthy and vibrant.

The foundations of healthy living go back to the ancestral times, when healthy meant survival. Being healthy was the only way our species could navigate through life: eating variety, running away from wild animals, climbing up trees, fighting competitors, procreating, taking care of each other, rearing children, getting enough sleep! Those basic acts of taking care of self, fulfilling body’s needs and desires were simply happening at an instinctive level. The very things we struggle with and over-rationalize today – how much exercise to do, which diet to adhere to, techniques to rekindle our libido, the endless search for purpose – were meant to happen automatically, imprinted within each and every one of our cells, expressed with the pulsating energies of our body’s balancing acts.

Millennia later, highly civilized and sophisticated, we are fully alienated from our selves, from our body’s natural rhythm. Out of sync with our body’s blueprint, we are falling apart: our health, our energy levels, our mental well being, our relationships, purpose in life all give way. Struggling with the basics that should be happening intuitively, our energies are diverted away from our lives’ purpose to survival.

I would like to help you find the way back to being healthy with pleasurable wellness, so that you can enjoy healthy behaviors intuitively, while focusing on living the life you really desire in a seamless integration between the body and the authentic self.

We are wired to be healthy, thrive and experience pleasure when we do so (think runner’s high). When we flow with our natural rhythms, health and wellness become effortless results of pursuing our higher goals in alignment with WHO we are.

Our Founder


Bella Bablumian, M.A., International Health,

Certified Wellness and Nutritional Counselor,

Certified Fitness Professional

Bella is the Founder of Imbody Wellness Institute, and the creator of the Sensefulness Method for activating the ancestral language of our body for vibrant health and purposeful living.  The Imbody Institute offers a number of courses, trainings, and retreats focused on self-discovery, pleasure, and healthy living habits.

Bella studied behavioral psychology at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), is a certified as a Holistic Wellness and Fitness Professional, and has worked as a personal trainer and a wellness consultant in health and fitness clubs across the U.S.   She holds a Masters in International Health Policy and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University and is an adviser for international institutions on disease prevention, social marketing, nutrition, and health policy change.

Bella has made the discovery of pleasurable wellness her lifelong journey and believes that by awakening our passion for living,  we can find one unique road to vibrant health, pleasure, and authenticity.  Bella Bablumian is Armenian, has lived and studied in the US, and is currently residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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