Shula and Bella met through a mutual friend who saw many synergies in the work they were doing individually across the globe. At the time, Bella was developing her wellness concept in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   Bella had helped numerous people both in the US and Brazil to improve health with nutrition, fitness, and health policy work.  Through her work, she discovered that  in addition to the traditional components, achieving complete wellness greatly hinged on enjoyment, connection to one´s sensual and sexual identity, and self-sufficiency.

At the time, Shula was in New York City, working with her clients on those very issues in her relationship coaching practice.  She kept running into clients that needed help with complementary wellness issues, related to their diet and fitness. When the two spoke on Skype in early in 2014, they realized they had what the other was missing. ImBody Wellnes was born when Shula helped Bella shape the concept´s key and missing component, Feel your Body.

After two years of working on their concept virtually, they finally met in the summer of 2016 to shoot their first video. From there they embarked on a journey as business partners and leaders of a new movement: a movement for health that’s not boring and painful, but pleasurable and fun. Together they shaped a new model of well-being that’s not composed of circuits, diets, and pills, but one that guides us towards effortless wellness with intuitively healthy behaviors.

Passionate about empowering women with information about their bodies, Shula and Bella developed a guide that incorporates knowledge, important for making their clients self-sufficient in taking care of themselves, along with practical tools to facilitate the process of changing their negative habits into positive sustainable lifestyle changes. They position their followers as the protagonist, inviting them to discover wellness from within, with the curiosity of a scholar and the desire to discover a more complete version of themselves, enjoying well-being that lasts for a lifetime.

Our Founder


Bella Bablumian, M.A., International Health,

Certified Wellness and Nutritional Counselor,

Certified Fitness Professional

Bella has made the discovery of a fulfilling lifestyle and pleasurable wellness her lifelong journey. Behavioral psychologist, international health specialist, and wellness expert by training, she specializes in holistic wellness, functional nutrition, and evolutionary fitness. Isabella holds her Master´s in International Health Policy and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor´s in health psychology from the University of California in Los Angeles.

Her career spans work as a personal trainer and a wellness consultant with individuals to a senior advisor and project manager for international institutions on health policy, behavioral change interventions, social marketing, and healthcare issues around the world.

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