Being Well with Bella

Lifestyle Change, Pleasure-based Intervention & New Health

Are you ready to redefine your health & life?

Health & Well-Being have definitively made their way to humanity’s top priority.  The need to redefine human health & understand its complex interdependence on social, environmental & energetic well-being has become vital for our society. 

The greatest challenges we face today in physical, emotional & mental health all have as their root causes the way we live our lives, lifestyles factors, in the misalignment from our original design. By implementing changes in our life style habits such as eating, movement and stress management at individual & populational levels we’d be able to reduce the burden of physical and mental illness, reignite our creative energy, libido, and find purpose. 

Hello, my name is Bella Bablumian, Integrative Well-being & Health Policy Expert & Specialist in Behavioral Change at the populational  and individual level.  For over twenty years, I’ve been working with people & researching the conditions necessary for creating the ideal environment, both external as well as internal, for allowing individuals to enjoy full health & life purpose. At international institutions and at companies, I’ve been helping shape policies & conditions that incentivize healthy behaviors at the macro level. In parallel, as the founder of the Imbody Wellness Institute, I am passionate about supporting individuals to align with their natural rhythm, connect with vitality, pleasure & authenticity in living & discover one’s unlimited potential with the Sensefulness Method. 

Education and experience

  • Behavioral Psychology, University of California, UCLA
  • Master’s in International Health Policy, Johns Hopkins University
  • Holistic Nutritional Consultant
  • Fitness Professional
  • Certified in a number of Integrative & Energy Therapies
  • Policy Consultant for international Organizations, such as World Bank, USAID, among others.

I: International Speaker

  • The Unhealthy Style:Prevention in Health through LifeStyle Changes
  • Well-Being from Within: Aligning body, mind, spirit
  • Pleasure to meet you, I am The Change: Pleasure as key to behavioral change
  • Being one with Body Wisdom: Women’s Empowerment from Within
  • The S word as Key to Health: Sexuality as a source of our vital energy
  • Embracing Transformation: How to make Change work FOR you

II: Wellness Curator

Conceptualization & and Coordinatation of Health & Wellness Programs, Professionals, Courses, & Events on and off-line

  • New You: Body-Mind-Lifestyle Personal Transformation
  • Reset 21: From Self-Help to Self-Discovery in 21 Days
  • Alone or All-One: Reconnecting Body, Mind, Spirit with Select Professionals from fields of Mental & Physical Health, Energy Healing, & Wellness

III: Well-Being at Work – Work-Life Balance

  • Well-Being as Key Review of well-being policies and incentives to transform employee’s behaviors & habits, resulting in improved health, satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and increased creativity/productivity
  • Well-being through Communication: Communication Strategies for Behavioral Change
  • Personalized Wellness Program Management: Conception & Management of workshops, talks, written content & one-on-one sessions for employees.



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