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Welcome to the our Imbody Blog, the space where we will share our thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on how to Feel, Nourish and Move our way towards pleasurable wellness. 

We would love to publish your stories on how listening and taking care of your body has changed your life.  Lets create this movement towards pleasurable wellness with joint forces. 
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The Power of Surrender

And when you think you’ve got it all figured out, life comes pulling the rug from under you. Looking intently in the mirror at the unrecognizable features of my sickly face after only three days [...]

What we can learn from cinderella

Today I woke up to a very uninspiring morning. I felt myself dragging and stagnated. In order to give myself a moment to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day, I put my two-year-old to watch [...]

What to Celebrate on Women’s Day

Today is a day that always brings back bright memories from my childhood, from the times that don’t even seem real anymore, back from the Soviet Union. International Women’s Day. It was one of [...]

Sculpting Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are not normally considered the most inspiring. Most of us spend it in a bit of a post-weekend stupor, going through the motions, tired and uninspired. It takes a couple of hours, [...]

The End of the Road

Today I came face-to-face with an ultimate form of human despair, a suicide attempt. Our running stroller broke, so I wasn’t able to run last night; when my nanny arrived in the morning, I [...]

Stripping away the last layer

It was my last year of high school, when I was referred to an audiologist by a school nurse. At the time, I was celebrating my acceptance to UCLA, ready to take the first steps in preparing for a [...]

How I found pleasurable wellness

My first experience with exercise was not a pleasant one.   Growing up in Soviet Armenia, I was exempt from all physical activity due to a small problem at birth. So when my dad took me along for [...]

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