What to Celebrate on Women’s Day

Today is a day that always brings back bright memories from my childhood, from the times that don’t even seem real anymore, back from the Soviet Union. International Women’s Day. It was one of the most memorable days of the year for me as a little girl.  It was a day we received beautiful bouquets of violets or lis-des-valeés, the first brave ones to come out from the cold underground, to bring the spring back. Those tiny yet powerful flowers were a representation of rebirth, fertility and femininity. On this day, even as a girl, I felt very important and appreciated, loved and lavished.

Many years later, now in Brazil, I wake up to March 8th with the same yet evolved feeling: the feeling of self-worth and appreciation of my identity as a woman. Not as someone who has equal right at work or equal pay, but with an internal feeling of self-worth and pride of being a woman. It’s this inner feeling that I wanted to wish to all of my fellow females today.

There are so many persisting inequalities that we need to take a stance against, laws that we need to pass, rights that we need to fight for. But today, I wish you to feel the power from within. To wake up, knowing that you are worth more than anyone could ever value you for, appreciate and respect your body, your desires, your aspirations and your differences. Embrace who you are and stand up for what you really want: as a person, as woman, as a professional, as sexual being and as a spiritual one. Bring the change to the world by being true to yourself today and from now on.

This is the way I want to celebrate women’s day and set the foundation for our equality. To all the women around the world. Feel your power and share it with the world.

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