Sculpting Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are not normally considered the most inspiring. Most of us spend it in a bit of a post-weekend stupor, going through the motions, tired and uninspired. It takes a couple of hours, and sometimes even an entire day, to get back into the producing rhythm. Unfortunately, this sometimes sets the tone for the entire week and, by default, for the way we end up spending our lives.

This morning was not much different for me. I woke up to ´mommy, I want water!´ call for water from my two-year-old. Annoyed at first, for I could easily sleep for another hour, or at least 20 minutes until the alarm set time, I closed my eyes and opened them again, determined to leave the irritation behind. I offered my daughter, Luli, a big smile, as I took her into my bed, and we spent a leisurely three minutes together, half-sleeping, half-cuddling. Then I was ready to get up. All of a sudden, the nuisance of waking up earlier than necessary became an opportunity. I now had time for my 20-minute power yoga/Swiss-ball session and Luli was excited, as she loves ‘helping’ me do my poses.

After an energizing fun session, we prepared fancy oatmeal together, and rushed off to take our shower while the food was cooking. Because Luli had time to play, she was super cooperative and happy: both of us left the house in a good mood.

My Monday morning apathy didn’t end there. I wasn’t too inspired to be at work. So instead of opening my computer and looking at my emails (which was my initial urge), I chose to do something differently. I didn’t sit down. Instead, pacing around the room, looking out the window, drawing on a chalkboard, I started envisioning my week, month, and the upcoming year, and strategizing.   The movement and not following the routine produced creative space in my head and a positive flow of ideas. I then sat down, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down my goals for the week, my plans for the month, and outlined some key partnerships for the upcoming year. Now I was excited for my Monday.

Sometimes, it just takes a little detour and pause from our regular routine to get us into the creative mind and out of the rut.  The way we program our minds in the morning directly influences the way we spend our day. Monday mornings are especially important as they set the tone for the rest of the week. Creating a morning ritual that’s invigorating, nourishing, leaves time for connecting with your body, loved ones, and creative mind, is one of the best ways to disallow external factors to control how you feel and instead envision your day and build your life the way you wish.

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