Health and well-being is a lifelong journey.

The quest for health and well-being is a lifelong journey. Few find and maintain a balanced lifestyle that is healthy but at the same time enjoyable; fit, yet relaxed; secure, yet full of adventure.

Industrial and agricultural innovations have given us many advantages, but in the process have masked our ability to tune into mechanisms and signals that our body emits to help us achieve equilibrium and fight disease.  In the past, these mechanisms kept us from being killed by wild animals, drove us in search of food to give us vitality and energy, and impelled us to procreate. The selective processes favored those that adopted behaviors that made us healthiest as individuals and as species. Today, thousands of years later, same mechanisms lie at the core of our existence, within our genetic footprint.  Yet, few remember how to speak the language of the body.

Processed foods, noxious substances, and the pollution of information have disconnected us from the signals our body constantly sends us in hopes of awakening our awareness for health and wellness.

How to reconnect?   We know right away that something´s wrong with our bodies when we feel pain.  We seek out the doctor and the pill to make it stop.  However, pain is not always the root of the problem, it’s a signal from our body; a signal that disease, physical and psychological, is taking control of our bodies. Why?  Living out of sync with our body´s needs, we fall prey to ailments and diseases.  When we feel pain, we’ve allowed this process to go too far.

On the contrary to pain, our innate ability to feel pleasure and enjoyment can be used as a powerful tool in guiding us to a healthier self. Once we reestablish the gut feeling, the primordial way our ancestor navigated through life, leading a healthy lifestyle will become an effortless process.

The closer and more in tune we can get to our natural needs and desires, the closer we will get to fulfilling our body´s blueprint for a complete healthy being. We’re not suggesting going back to the cave, but rather understanding and respecting our inner drives and desires and channeling their energy in ways that will lead to body´s natural health.  Stress, when used properly, can help us become more energized and fit.  Conversely, when left ´untreated´, it turns against our body, corroding it cell by cell. The same is true of hunger.  We can learn what our body´s nutritional needs are by listening to the internal cues and help prevent disease and enhance the numerous self-healing processes.

Technology, special diets, pills, media will not guide us to the right answers.  The solutions lie dormant within us.  It´s not a nutritional formula or new workout that will make that cellulite go away, it´s a lifestyle that will make you replete with energy, health, and as side-effect present you with a pair of strong and sexy legs.

Health has become a heavy, burdensome, and complex topic in our society, reflecting very little of the full range of wonderful things it could mean.  Our proposal at Imbody is to change this conversation around and start a new movement.  Being healthy is an exhilarating and intuitive process that´s at the core of our very existence. The information we require is simple, and the practice is enjoyable when done correctly. Join us to rediscover the language of the body of the very processes that brings us wellness from within.



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