in love with life

Hybrid transformational journey

May 10 – June 14

A transformational journey into the depths of YOU

Are you living the life you desire?  Or are you just scratching the surface? Many of us sense there is more to life than just the daily grind.   Yet few are able to transform in alignment with true desires.

Why? Maybe you’re not sure what’s missing. Or if you do, you feel overwhelmed by the daily load & the prospect of uncertainty.

Living your most authentic & complete version of life requires feeling deeply and connecting to the places you’ve not allowed to access for years.  Your TRUE desires.  It requires for you to let go of certainty and security, deconstructing and letting go of parts of you that no longer serve.

In Love with Life is a deep journey of creating the foundation for that’s deeply felt and lived fully…  of feeling every breath of life through your body, your sexual self, your relationships, and the higher selves.

The journey will allow you to connect to the innermost parts that were dormant to embrace every aspect of who you are and allow you to fully align with the Version of Life you Desire, in rhythm with the innate design of our physical body and the natural flow of the universe.  

We’ll anchor the journey in the Body, the instrument for navigating life, through the Sensefulness Method, your guide to the depths of you to transform the relationship with your body, food, your self-expression through movement and sound,  ability to feel pleasure & express yourself sexually, uncovering purpose in the present moment.

We’ll then align the mind by dismantling limiting beliefs and rewiring the stories you have created around who you are.

At the other end of the transformation, you’ll meet the new YOU.. in love with your life, embodying vitality, pleasure, and deep purpose.

Journey Structure 

  • Online (and/or in person) Weekly 1.5 hour group sessions
  • Offline guided activities & meditations
  • Personalized Well-Being Guide
  • Support Group  with like-minded people
  • A new way to realign body-mind-spirit

Integrative Well-Being & Behavioral Change

  • Behavioral & Habit Change
  • Mindset & Limiting Beliefs
  • Nourish, Move & Feel your Body
  • Healthy Living meets Finding Purpose
  • Pleasure & Sexual Activation

You’ll uncover the Sensefulness method, a 7-step process of reconnecting to your innate wisdom for living in alignment with your body’s natural rhythm:

  • Uncover Intuitive Nourishment
  • Cleanse the Pollutants (body/mind)
  • Activate your Senses
  • Cultivate your Sexual Energy
  • Transmute Emotions & Stress
  • Express yourself with Movement
  • Disconnect to Reconnect to Self

The 6-week journey starts on May 10th – June 14th with weekly (Tuesday) live sessions with Bella Bablumian, the creator of the Sensefulness method,  on zoom. One of the 6 sessions will be held in person for those of you living in Miami.

We’ll be connected as a group on WhatsApp and receive weekly assignments that include guided audios, exercises, meditations, and writing activities.

At the completion of the program, you’ll have your own personalized guide to the New YOU to support you through the transformation.



Bella Bablumian, M.A. International Health &

Behavioral Change Specialist 

Well-Being Mentor, Nutritional & Fitness Pro

 My passion is in helping people find their unique path to vitality, pleasurable wellness, and a passion for living with the Sensefulness Method for activating body wisdom & self-awareness.  The unique interdisciplinary approach is inspired by Brazilian way of living in the moment and based on behavioral psychology, sexual energy activation modalities, neurolinguistic programming, Taoism & Tantrism, energetic & healing modalities.

A native Armenian, I left my war-ridden post-Soviet motherland in search a better life. Falling sick in my early twenties with a disease conventional medicine could not cure, I embarked on a self-healing journey, and after fully recovering with a powerful healing experience, was called to dedicate my life to empowering people to embody an all-together different way of living & well-being.

Pursuing my dream, I moved to Rio de Janeiro to become the Founder of the Imbody Wellness Institute (@imbodywellness) and a leader in the Pleasurable Wellness Movement.

I hold a BA in behavioral psychology from the UCLA and a master’s in international health policy & economics from the Johns Hopkins University.  Throughout the years, I’ve supported many individuals as a certified Holistic Wellness and Fitness Professional (AFPA, NCCPT, Apex-Fitness), while transforming health of populations as an adviser to international institutions for disease prevention.  As a classical singer & avid dancer, I love incorporating body & sound expression into my practice together with energy-healing modalities I’ve studied (Jikiden Reiki, Neurolinguistic Programming,  Access Consciousness, and Pranic Healing among others).

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