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Ana Paula Pickler

Naturopath, Massage Therapist

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Ana Paula Pickler is Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Phytotherapist and Specialist in Floral Therapy (UFRJ).

She began her studies in 2005. She first studied Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, DO-IN, TAI-CHI-CHUAN, Myofascial Release, and several other techniques, always looking for natural alternatives for treating various manifestations of pain.

As for plants, her relationship with them is much older. Coming from a family in Suburban Paraná (Brazil), made up mostly of women farmers, her connection with the land was always very strong. She saw food and medicine come into being from cultivation and extraction. Her grandmother was a healer, who drew many of her solutions to people’s problems from plants.

At the moment she lives and practices in Rio de Janeiro, where she continues her diverse studies, besides the practice in the cultivation of medicinal plants. Her practice seeks to combine traditional knowledge with the latest scientific knowledge in the area of ​​natural and complementary therapies to improve the health and quality of life of those who seek it.



Naturopathy builds on the body’s healing potential with the help of nature’s elements to achieve holistic health and quality of life. A naturopathic session with Ana might combine herbal medicine, essential oils and/or flower therapy.

Therapeutic Massage

Ana Paula is also a highly qualified massage therapist that specialized in shiatsu, manual lymphatic drainage, Bioflex ® and Isoflex ®.

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Fabiana Eramo

Artist, Dancer and Holistic Therapist

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Fabiana Eramo is a nomad who believes in mystery, in the healing power of nature and dance as the expression of the soul, inspiring people to connect to their inner self and reappropriate pleasure and power of the body with the forces of nature’s elements and to nurture creativity and the sense of freedom in life.

An artist, dancer, holistic therapist, anthropologist and researcher, Fabiana works with the body and soul, across art and spirituality, focusing on women and their need to revive the sacred feminine.

She teaches dance classes and workshops, lectures, and offers individual sessions on the healing and rescue of the sacred feminine, offering additional support with gypsy therapeutic and reiki cards.



A holistic therapy of energetic chakra alignment and healing through the transmission of energy to correct energetic imbalances and promote physical, mental, emotional healing.

Tarot Card Reading

A card reading session to provide insight on the energies present in one’s life path, helping gain awareness of self and receive guidance in life .

Nomadic Dance

Inspired by the four elements of nature, a dance class designed to connect us with our creativity, body, nature and the freedom of dance.

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Fabiana Eramo

Shula Melamed

Sexuality and Health

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Shula holds an M.A. in Psychology from the New School University and an M.P.H. in Sexuality and Health from Columbia University where her thesis examined the role of pleasure in health interventions.  In her Relationship coaching practice she works with individuals, couples and groups looking to identify and address challenges in their intimate lives head on, exploring issues related to sexuality and pleasure.  In addition to relationship coaching she has also worked as a Behavioral Health Coach helping individuals with lifestyle changes after a new health diagnosis or life event including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.  Her prefered approaches are goal setting, CBT,Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and relaxation exercises.

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Andreia Santiago

Holistic Therapist

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Andreia Santiago is a Holistic Therapist who incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Sound Healing into her practice.

Andreia received her Master of Usui and Karuna Reiki degree from the Jikiden Institute of Reiki of Japan. She is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. In her practice, she incorporates acupuncture, auriculotherapy, moxibustion and pulsology as well as complementary therapies such as aromatology, chromotherapy and floral therapy in the consultations with its clients.

Andreia Santiago has over twenty years of experience in holistic therapies in Brazil and Europe and has extensive expertise in several complementary wellness practices. Additionally, she has a SPA specialization from one of the most international hotel and spa companies, Four Seasons. She is the founder and manager of Mombak SPA, located in Maricá-RJ, where she teaches many of the courses in wellness.


Andreia offers a combination or single session of the following holistic therapies:

  • Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Massage
  • Acupuncture & Chinese medicine
  • Moxa therapy for pain relief
  • Reiki
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Andreia Santiago Terapeuta

Holistica e Mombak Spa

Angela Moreira

Hormonal Yoga Therapy

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Angela Moreira is an Integrated Yoga Teacher with specialization in Hormonal Yoga Therapy. Since 2013, Angela has been teaching classes and workshops in Hormonal Yoga Therapy with specialization in the Dinah Rodrigues method as well as Integrated Yoga. Angela is also a Journalist and Story-teller with a degree in Journalism from the Hélio Alonso School of Communication (Rio de Janeiro) and naster’s in Theater from the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theater and École Philipe Gaulier (London). After completing her Masters in Theater for Community Development at King’s Alfred’s College, England, she founded the Tata Didi Theater Group (in London), participated in several European festivals with theater and motion therapy.

She currently teaches Developmental Theater and Storytelling workshops, has recently won the Funarte Prize for Artistic Residence and Aesthetic Interactions at Culture Point with her Red Tent project (that utilizes short stories and memories of wise old women). Angela Moreira also works at the Cultura Inglesa as an English teacher, with projects of Storytelling in English.


Hormone Therapy Yoga

A natural hormone replacement technique, utilizing yogic asanas, breathing and a Tibetan energy practices, this workshop or one-on-one class, will stimulate the glands that produce female hormones in order to restore equilibrium.

Integrated Yoga Classes

Dynamic yoga classes based on Hatha Yoga, with a strong emphasis on breathing, meditation, mantras, yoga nidra and relaxation.


These classes focus on dynamic and soothing breathing, promoting awareness of different emotional states, especially to manage cases of anxiety, stress, fear, and panic.

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Melinda Page

Breath Worker & Empowerment Coach

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Melinda is an accredited Breath Work and Empowerment Coach. After suffering a case of severe corporate burn-out, she left a successful career in finance in search of herself and her purpose. Many years and countries later, her journey of self-discovery and healing brought her to Brazil, where she discovered the power of the breath. It is Melinda ́s mission in life to assist others in their own journey and personal transformations. Through her work, Melinda helps people step into their fullest potential, bring more passion, purpose and intent to their lives.


Melinda takes her clients on a journey through Transformational Breath®, a powerful self-healing modality utilizing a conscious breathing technique for restoring wellbeing, peace and joy from within. A session includes full diaphragmatic breath restoration with gentle touch, sound, movement, and positive affirmations in order to retrain the subconscious, helping clear negativity, repressed memories, feelings, hurt.

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