New You

the new world starts within


July – October, 2021

Are you ready for big transformations?

Did you know that changing life is much less about goal-setting then shifting how you live your day-to-day?

New You was created by Bella Bablumian, the Founder of the Imbody Wellness Institute, especially to help you unlock your true potential, connect to your inner desires, and anchor your dream life in habit changes, lifestyle shifts, and acts of self-care.

The pandemic has made it obvious that well-being is the key to every aspect of life.  Are you ready to propel to a new way of being YOU instead of waiting for the New Normal to arrive?

Join us for to start to make shifts in all areas of your life by building a foundation of exuberant health, intuitive flow & sense of purpose to transform your relationships, professional life, and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Start using  the challenges to create opportunities and embodying your deepest desires.

From how you wake up in the morning and what you chose to put into your body, to what dance you move to and how deep you breathe, we’ll cover just about every aspect of well-being to facilitate a radical make-over of who you are not just with a mindset shift, but in aligning every little thing you do to YOUR dream life full of purpose and joy.

The program focuses on first shifting your mindset by working though limiting beliefs that have turned into stories, shaping your life and what it means to be YOU;  further, it anchors those shifts in habit changes and the present moment with the Sensefulness method for reawakening the innate wisdom of your body for being well.  This approach will create the powerful body-mind connection to propel you to a NEW YOU at all levels.

Integrative Well-Being & MindShift

  • Behavioral & Habit Change
  • Unlocking True potential by Tackling Limiting Beliefs
  • Healthy Living – Nourish, Move & Feel your Body
  • Vitality, Flow, and Awareness
  • Pleasure & Sexual Activation

Simple Structure

  • Group Sessions with Bella every Tuesday (time to be defined)
  • Powerful knowledge, Transformative tools in every session
  • Complementary individual evaluation with Bella (included)
  • Receive Weekly assignments and guided exercises

Become the protagonist of your life by shifting who your perception of yourself and  beginning to practice a completely NEW way of being with small choices that make the difference between the old you and the NEW YOU that’s vibrantly alive, full of energy,  & finding purpose in each moment.


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