Reset 21

July 21st – August 10th

Big Transformations start with Small Changes

Have you been on autopilot for most of your life?  Did the crisis help you slow down? 2020 gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push the pause button to  look inside, reevaluate everything & prepare for the New Normal.

What will you choose to do?

Will you get back to your routine, rushing through life with to do lists, shopping sprees, and work obligations? Or will you rewrite your own story, throwing away the pages written by someone else?

Reset 21 is about taking this transformation into your own hands and preparing yourself for writing a story, where You are the protagonist of your own life.

Join us on July 21st for a 21-day journey  of changing one small habit at a time: how you wake up, how you listen to your body, the importance you give to your desires, which dance you chose to dance, and how carefully you breathe in the life. Because it’s those small things that stand in Your way of living for Yourself and Living Big.

21 Days of Self-Reconstruction

Imbody is dedicated to helping people transform life through healthy &  vibrant living by shifting focus from pain & self-denial to pleasure & self-knowledge.  Our Sensefulness Method is available to you with powerful yet simple knowledge & tools rooted in ancient traditions, wholistic nutrition, evolutionary fitness, behavioral change, positive psychology, and sexual energy activation .

With 21 days days to transform your life, the amount of time needed to form new habits, you will be guided through three pillars with focus on self-awareness, healthy living, and pleasurable self-care to create your very own Pleasurable Wellness Planner, your foundation for unlocking your authentic SELF.

Feel your body

Unlock the messages that your body sends you through your senses to improve your health and well-being & reconnect to Sexuality, the key to your Vitality and Authenticity.

Nourish your body

Discover the basics of healing and enjoyable nourishment and make healthy pleasurable eating part of  your day-to-day reality.

Move your body

Find your own style of fitness for invigorating and engaging physical activity that suits your lifestyle.

Find purpose in the present moment

The 21-Day Transformation

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the 21-day transformational journey of self-discovery & healthy living with Bella Bablumian, the founder of Imbody Wellness, holistic wellness professional and the creator of the Sensefulness Method for activating the ancestral language of our body for vibrant health and purposeful living.

You will begin and complete your journey with an interactive live webinar, receive daily instructive videos,  practical tools, and guided meditations that will help you rethink & transform habits related to:

  • Healthy Living & Self Care
  • Pleasure & Sexuality
  • Connection to Self & Purpose

You’ll learn & reflect to incorporate the new knowledge and practices into your personalized  Pleasurable Wellness Planner,  with focus on morning rituals, healthy enjoyable eatinginvigorating movement, sexuality and desires, breathing and relaxation, sleep and activating your vital energy from within.

By the end of the course, you’ll find yourself flowing into a New Normal with self-awareness, vibrancy, pleasure, and purpose.

Let’s Start this Journey Together!

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