What is Pleasurable Wellness ?

In the modern world, we go to the gym to get our body in shape, do therapy to reduce anxiety, then turn to life coaching to help us fill the void in our lives. In the ancient eastern traditions, all of those were part of the same road: Tao. The Way.

Our Pleasurable Wellness method is based on this beautifully simple yet profound philosophy, with a roadmap that offers gentle guidance for you to find YOUR way. Using the Wellness Puzzle with its 9 Essential Elements,  the Imbody training leads you through the process of discovering the intuitive way of being healthy, enjoying life, while reconnecting to your authentic self.

Start the transformational process today by building the healthy foundation for an unapologetically fulfilling life with our tools, trainings, and retreats. 

Learn how you can start practicing

pleasurable wellness with our:

Wellness Puzzle

Pleasurable Wellness Guide

This is your Wellness roadmap. It includes all of the integral components of an enjoyable and health-promoting lifestyle. For each square, we have given important reminders and guidelines for improving that specific aspect of physical well-being. Within each of those, create your own personalized goals and reminders that fit your day-to-day.

For example, under the power of picking, you may decide to discover new foods. Maybe you want to (1) try a new fruit every week, (2) find local organic markets, (3) go out to the new health store that opened next door. Watch the Video 01. You can also Download it.

Nourish your body

02 - Power of Picking

Go out hunting for the best ingredients

– Select a wide variety of colors
and tastes

– Go for the organic
– Shop in style and look around
– Stay away from processed

03 - Alchemy of Cooking

Discover the art of cooking

– Prepare your kitchen
and tastes

– Learn the basic skills
– Plan ahead and pack snacks
– Transform healthy into gourmet


04 - Savor every Bite

Learn the art of eating well

– Savor every meal and snack
and tastes

– Enjoy the simple and eat in moderation
– Learn to listen to your body
(hunger and satiety)

– Eat out without compromising health

Feel your body

05 - Indulge in your Senses

Use the senses to connect to your body

– Re-learn the language of the body
and its signals

– Engage in daily practices for activating
your sensory system

– Make time/space for pampering your body
– Stay alert and aware no matter what
you´re doing.

06 - Get your Groove on

Sexuality is an integral part of wellness: don’t skimp on it

– Love your body to love with your body
– Know and understand your anatomy
– Learn to let go to turn your senses on
– Explore your personal Pathways to

07 - Channel your Energy

Transform negative into positive

– Tune in to your body and its emotions
and tastes

– Never reject what you feel – be with it
– Find outlets for the energy you are carrying
– Use this energy for improving your wellness

Move your body

08 - Ready, Set, Go!

Find what gets you going

– Find an activity that makes you excited
– Take it outdoors
– Use imagination and visualization to access
the endorphins (I´m an Olympic champion)

– Create no escape routs/compliance

09 - Bursts in Between

Fitness starts with stairs

– Never just stand in line! Stretch!
– Walk/bike everywhere you can
– Incorporate activity into your downtime
– Upgrade your activity level (walk during
your meeting, work standing)

10 - Unplug and Recharge

Good health begins with good rest

– Get enough quality sleep
– Learn and practice breathing and
relaxation techniques

– Include downtime and breaks in your
daily routine

– Go on a Vacation often!

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