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Imbody is an ultimate guide to pleasurable wellness, created especially for women ready to embrace health that is guilt-free and enjoyable.


The mission of Imbody is to transform the conversation around health and wellness by shifting the focus from pain to pleasure & self-knowledge in seeking out healthy behaviors.

Innovative Methodology

With an innovative methodology that uses evidence-based techniques and research from psychologybehavioral change programsnutrition, and fitness, Bella and Shula have created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide that makes the practice of wellness enjoyable and instinctive.

Drawing their inspiration from around the world, Imbody’s unique methodology combines the Brazilian concept of living in the moment, ancient practices of self-awareness and empirically tested approaches recognized in the western world.

The program

The breakthrough program developed by Bella Bablumian and Shula Melamed will guide you through the process of rediscovery of innate mechanisms of pleasure, sensuality, and body awareness to help you uncover wellness and health from within.

Composed of three pillars that make up the basis of human physical well-being, the program is unified by pleasure, the innate mechanisms that guides us to wellness.

The Three Pillars of Physical Well-Being

Feel your body

Activate your senses through ancestral mechanisms to navigate through wellness with pleasure and ease.

Nourish your body

Discover the basics of healing and enjoyable nourishment and experience food that transforms your health from within, awakens your senses, and brings you true pleasure.

Move your body

Feel your body in its full range of motion and discover the most invigorating physical activity for your body type.


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